WELCOME to the Great Falls Food Bank

The mission of the Great Falls Community Food Bank is to engage, educate and lead our community in the fight against hunger.

ENGAGE: Through outreach efforts, we encourage everyone to get involved in the fight against hunger. By doing this, we create a strong, cooperative network of emergency service providers. Many of the programs available through the Food Bank are a part of this effort.

EDUCATE: By providing ongoing awareness and education, we not only help citizens become informed on the issues of hunger, but we also help those in need find the resources and services available during emergency situations.

LEAD: As a Re-Distribution Organization for the Montana Food Bank Network and Feeding America, we are in a position to be a leader in the fight against hunger. We are here to assist in everything from food resourcing to public policy issues.


Thanks to all who have contributed to the Great Falls Food Bank in the past year.

Entire Thank You List